Our Charism is the spiritual gift that comes from our relationship with Jesus having deeply contemplated in a particular moment of His life. It is the love of God that we discover in the heart of Jesus on the cross, and of Mary at the foot of the cross. Through our lives and our works, we try to bring this same love and hope into the world.




In the Spiritual Memoirs of Magdalen, Mary is remembered with special affection. In 1806, amidst many difficulties, when Magdalen struggled with the work which God had entrusted to her, she records:




Magdalen placed her own needs and those of her work in the heart of Mary, Mother of Love, and did not hesitate to entrust to her the efforts of the first women who joined her as Sisters.

Magdalen’s great faith in Mary is clearly seen in both her devotion to Mary, and in honouring her as the real “Mother and Foundress” of the Daughters of Charity.

This love for, and devotion to Mary, continues in our Institute today as we honour her throughout the year, and in a particular way, on the Feast of Our Lady of Sorrows, September 15, the Feast of our Institute.