The Name: Canossian Daughters of Charity

Why Canossian? This word comes from the family name of Magdalen – Di Canossa. Magdalen, born in 1774, was the second child of this noble, wealthy and well-known family. When she left the family palace to follow her heart, her vision and her God, the people continued to refer to her as one of the “Canossa’s”, a nickname which stuck and was eventually transferred, by the people, to those who followed her: Canossians i.e. Magdalen’s Sisters.

Why Daughters of Charity? Paraphrasing the words of Magdalen, our name says something about who we are and what we are called to do. In the mind of Magdalen, the name Daughter of Charity highlights the fact that we are Daughters of a God who is love (charity). Being a daughter of love we are called to respond to God’s love by giving love in return: both to God and our brothers and sisters. This name is a daily reminder to live the spirit of Jesus and the gospel:


Canossian Daughters of Charity In The World

Founded in 1808, with the first overseas mission to Hong Kong in 1860, reaching the Australian shores in 1949, and still spreading. Today there are over 3,000 members worldwide. Coming from a variety of cultures, languages and nationalities, we share a life of Community and prayer with the common vision of making Jesus known and loved through our charitable works.

The Canossian family locations around the world

AFRICA Angola, Egypt, Kenya, Malawi, Dem Rep. of the Congo, San Tomé, Sudan Tanzania, Togo, Uganda
AMERICA Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Mexico, Paraguay, USA
ASIA China, Hong Kong, Macau, Philippines, Japan, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, East Timor, West Timor
EUROPE Italy, England, France, Portugal, Poland, Ukraine, Albania
OCEANIA Australia, Papua New Guinea